About Us

Creative Inch is a team of two adventurous minds dedicated to solving media problems with creativity and hard work. We specialize in a wide array of media issues including but not limited to brand identity, web and app design, packaging and label design, book and magazine design and many more. In fact, everything you bring to the table we take it as a challenge and try to shape it into the best product possible for your business.

With more than 10 years of experience in Design and Content Management we find ingenious solutions to convey the message you want sent across to your public.

By choosing Creative Inch you can expect a process that involves both you and your team, to have your ideas heard an respected and your business treated with care.

Take a second and get to know us:

           Teodora Rogoz                                                          Florin-Valeriu Gheorghe

          LEAD DESIGNER                                                   PROJECT & CONTENT MANAGER